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Volume 8, Issue 1,  June 2017


  Eastern Journal of European Studies




  Edited by

Centre for European Studies

  Alexandru Ioan Cuza Universiy of Iasi  Romania



Tackling the illegitimate under-reporting of salaries in Southeast Europe: some lessons from a 2015 survey in Bulgaria, Croatia and FYR Macedonia



| Colin C. WILLIAMS and Josip FRANIC


  Editor in chief: Gabriela Carmen PASCARIU

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  Published on-line: June 2017

Assessing the poverty-growth-inequality nexus: the case of Macedonia


  ISSN print edition: 2068-651X

  | Dimitar NIKOLOSKI and Miroslav GVEROSKI


  ISSN on-line edition: 2068-6633

  | Full text: PDF




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Revisiting the 'invisible hand' hypothesis: a comparative study between Bulgaria and Germany


| Nadezhda GESHEVA and Aleksandar VASILEV


  | Full text: PDF




Regional interplay of factors informing SMES' density in Romania. A panel data analysis


  | Elena DRUICĂ, Zizi GOSCHIN and Ana-Maria GRIGORE


  | Full text: PDF


Social responsibility in Ukrainian agriculture: the regional issue
  | Larysa LEVKIVSKA and Inna LEVKOVYCH  
  | Full text: PDF  
Managing the competitiveness in CIS countries and Ukraine: the goal and conditions  
  | Anna KUKHARUK, Julia GAVRISH and Danyil ZMITROVYCH  
  | Full text: PDF  


Within the media earshot: national ideas in the Republic of Moldova prior to the 2016 election  
  | Onoriu COLĂCEL  
  | Full text: PDF  
Concepts, approaches and methods on Europeanisation - a meta-analysis    
  | Zoltan GRUNHUT    
  Abstract | Full text: PDF    
Migranthood and self-governing rights: a new paradigm for the post-communist Eastern Europe    
  | Francesco TRUPIA    
  Abstract | Full text: PDF    
BOOK REVIEW: Sieglinde Gstohl and Simon Schunz (eds.), Theorizing the European Neighbourhood Policy, 2017    
  | by Cristian NITOIU    
  Full text: PDF    


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