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Volume 6, Issue 2,  DECEMBER 2015


  Eastern Journal of European Studies

  THEMATIC ISSUE: Ukrainian crisis. Rethinking geopolitics in Europe




  Edited by

Centre for European Studies

  Alexandru Ioan Cuza Universiy of Iasi  Romania



Editorial: A spectre is haunting Europe - the spectre of war



| Angelantonio ROSATO


  Editor in chief: Gabriela Carmen PASCARIU

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  Published on-line: December 2015

Deepening the economic integration in the Eastern Partnership: from a Free Trade Area to a Neighbourhood Economic Community?


  ISSN print edition: 2068-651X

  | Gabriela DRAGAN


  ISSN on-line edition: 2068-6633

  Abstract | Full text: PDF




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Ukraine in the European arena: a two-dimensional analysis based on macroeconomic criteria


| Sergii VOITKO, Mariia KOKORUZ


  Abstract | Full text: PDF




The impact of the crisis on the national brand of Ukraine




  Abstract | Full text: PDF


The multistage nature of labour migration from Eastern and Central Europe (experience of Ukraine, Poland, United Kingdom and Germany
during the 2002-2011 period)
  | Khrystyna FOGEL  
  Abstract | Full text: PDF  
Social protection of migrant workers in Ukraine: striving towards European standards under crisis  
  | Nataliia FEDIRKO  
  Abstract | Full text: PDF  


The European Parliament in the EU-Ukraine relations - from independence to Orange revolution  
  | Oleksandr MOSKALENKO, Volodymyr STRELTSOV  
  Abstract | Full text: PDF  
A new vision of Ukrainian politics or another political trick: reflections on the role of electoral quota for women in Ukraine and its
  | Liliia ANTONIUK    
  Abstract | Full text: PDF    
The Ukraine crisis: a multidimensional analysis in China    
  | Song LILEI    
  Abstract | Full text: PDF    
Identifying the new Eurasian orientation in modern Russian geopolitical thought    
  | Toni MILESKI    
  Abstract | Full text: PDF    
BOOK REVIEW Andrew Wilson, Ukraine Crisis - What It Means for the West, New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2014,    
  | by Loredana Maria SIMIONOV    
  Full text: PDF    


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