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Volume 4, Issue 1JUNE 2013


  Eastern Journal of European Studies





  Edited by

Centre for European Studies

  Alexandru Ioan Cuza Universiy of Iasi  Romania



Business regulation and economic growth in the Western Balkan countries



| Engjell PERE, Albana HASHORVA


  Editor in chief: Maria BÎRSAN

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  Published on-line: June 2013

Local regulation between formal and informal institutions: analysis by application to the case of the town of Ksar-Hellal (Tunisia)


  ISSN print edition: 2068-651X

  | Makram GAALICHE


  ISSN on-line edition: 2068-6633

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Resolving the dilemma between equality and liberty: the Swedish political system


  | Nathalie BLANC-NOEL


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Economy and foreign relations in Europe in the early inter-war period - The case of Hungary's financial reconstruction


  | Lucian LEUŞTEAN


  Abstract | Full text: PDF


Integrated in the global value chains - trade developments between Hungary and Asia
  | Andrea ÉLTETŐ, Katalin VÖLGYI  
  Abstract | Full text: PDF  
Foreign trade trends in the Hungarian - Romanian turnover of agricultural products  
  Miklós VÁSÁRY  
  Abstract | Full text: PDF  
A political crisis in an economic tempest (January 2008 - December 2012)  
  | Davide VITTORI  
  Abstract | Full text: PDF  


Black swans or sreeping normalcy? - An attempt to a holistic crisis analysis  
  | Olivér KOVÁCS  
  Abstract | Full text: PDF  
Actual problems of the antimonopoly requirements' observance in the bidding for the sale of land in the Russian Federation  
  | Alexey Pavlovich ANISIMOV, Marina Jurievna KOZLOVA, Anatoly Jakovlevitch RIZHENKOV  
  Abstract | Full text: PDF
BOOK REVIEW: Tim Haughton (editor), Party politics in Central and Eastern Europe. Does EU membership matter?, Routledge, 2011, 192 pages, ISBN-13: 978-0415567497    
  | by Danica FINK-HAFNER    
  Full text: PDF    
BOOK REVIEW: Pierre Bauby, L'européanisation des services publics, Paris, Presses de Science Po, La Bibliothčque du Citoyen, 2011, 196 pages, ISBN: 978-2-7246-1227-1    
  | by Lucian-Dumitru DÎRDALĂ    
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