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Volume 2, Issue 1,  June 2011


  Eastern Journal of European Studies






  Edited by

Centre for European Studies

  Alexandru Ioan Cuza Universiy of Iasi  Romania



 Optimal taxation and monitoring in an economy with matching frictions and underground activities



Gaetano LISI


  Editor in chief: Maria BÎRSAN

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  Published on-line: June 2011

The increase of rural development measures efficiency at the micro-regions level by cluster analysis. A Romanian case study


  ISSN print edition: 2068-651X

  Maria VINCZE and Elemer MEZEI


  ISSN on-line edition: 2068-6633

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The economic crisis and its management in Spain


  Andrea ÉLTETÖ


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On the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the EU accession to the European Convention on Human Rights


  Aurora CIUCÃ


  Abstract | Full text: PDF


The role of EU institutions in implementing its monetary policy
  Emilia GEORGIEVA  
  Abstract | Full text: PDF  
Discursive differences and policy outcomes: EU-Russia relations and security in Europe  
  Licínia SIMÃO  
  Abstract | Full text: PDF  
Some considerations on the EU Danube Strategy and the Black Sea Region  
  Costel COROBAN  
  Abstract | Full text: PDF  


Policies for strategic territorial development. Inter-municipality association as a form of network governance: the Italian experience  
  Patrizia MESSINA    
  Abstract | Full text: PDF    
Problems of Romanian SMEs with tapping EU structural funds    
  Gábor HUNYA    
  Abstract | Full text: PDF
  John McClintock, The Uniting of Nations: An Essay on Global Governance 3rd ed. revised and updated    
  by Lucian-Dumitru DÎRDALĂ    
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