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Volume 1, Issue 2,  DECEMBER 2010


  Eastern Journal of European Studies






  Edited by

Centre for European Studies

  Alexandru Ioan Cuza Universiy of Iasi  Romania



 The investment development path in a globalised world: implications for Eastern Europe



Rajneesh NARULA and José GUIMÓN


  Editor in chief: Maria BÎRSAN

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  Published on-line: December 2010

Foreign direct investment of Central and Eastern European countries, and the investment development path revisited


  ISSN print edition: 2068-651X

  Marian GORYNIA, Jan NOWAK and Radosław WOLNIAK


  ISSN on-line edition: 2068-6633

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Attracting foreign direct investment: the public policy scope for South East European countries




  Abstract | Full text: PDF




Patterns of inward FDI in economies in transition


  Kálmán KALOTAY


  Abstract | Full text: PDF


Inward FDI in seven transitional countries of South-Eastern Europe: a quest of institution-based attractiveness
  Nathalie FABRY and Sylvain ZEGHNI  
  Abstract | Full text: PDF  
Evidence on the determinants of foreign direct investment: the case of EU regions  
  Laura CASI and Laura RESMINI  
  Abstract | Full text: PDF  
The role of multinational enterprises for regional development in Bulgaria  
  Kaloyan KOLEV  
  Abstract | Full text: PDF  


Does FDI promote regional development? Evidence from local and regional productivity spillovers in Greece  
  Vassilis MONASTIRIOTIS and Jacob A. JORDAAN    
  Abstract | Full text: PDF    
International outsourcing over the business cycle: some intuition for Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia    
  Sandrine LEVASSEUR    
  Abstract | Full text: PDF    
Chinese investments in the EU    
  Haico EBBERS and Jianhong ZHANG    
  Abstract | Full text: PDF    
  Martinez Arranz, Alfonso / Doyle, Natalie J. / Winand, Pascaline (eds.), New Europe, New World? The European Union, Europe and the Challenges of the 21st Century    
  by Adrian IVAN    
  Full text: PDF    


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