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The Eastern Journal of European Studies (EJES) seeks to provide a forum for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary dialogue between ideas, and a framework for theoretical and empirical analyses covering major topics in European studies: European history, politics, European economy and European policies, EU community law, European culture and society.
EJES encourages studies focusing on Central and Eastern Europe (including Eastern Neighbourhood) in order to better understand its transformations induced by the integration process and to address its specific challenges by supporting scientific debates on the general European theory and practice. Furthermore, the editorial board regularly invites distinguished guest editors to coordinate thematic issues.
Types of papers to be published: theoretical studies, comparative studies, case studies, empirical analyses and reviews.

This publication is co-funded by the project Centre for Excellence Jean Monnet for European Studies 2009-2756/001




  • 30th October 2015 Thematic issue: Ukrainian crisis. Rethinking geopolitics in Europe (Guest editor: Angelo Rosato - expert in EU, Balkans, Eastern Europe and Russia strategic and geopolitical issues. He is also a former Fulbright Schuman Research Scholar on “Energy Security in Eurasia. EU-Russia Energy Interdependence”, at EUCE - European Center of Excellence, CREES - Center for Russian & East European Studies, University of Pittsburgh (PA), Currently, Prof. Rosato is a Senior Researcher Fellow at CeSPi, Italy, an international research agency, which is recognised and supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

  • 30th March 2016 - Multi and interdisciplinary issue



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